Saturday, August 05, 2006

Day 2 at Wizard World Chicago. It was a much busier day than friday. The crowds were big and strong, The fans seemed very excited. Today I was here to do research and see how things were set up, checking out the quality of the books on display, and just walking about. I ran into a number of old friends and reconnected on a lot of levels. It was good to see a lot of old friends. I was threaten by a friend of mines name Frank. I must call him and arrange some time for food and drinks. It was a good day. My plan is to be there next year with a brand new book in hand and promoting. Those plans are in effect. Fie the last year my energies were directed towards a another project. A project that is not even going to see the light of day. It was quite a learning experience. Well I am well rested and I am going to direct my energies into projects that I have total control over. I am not saying that I closed to working with others but I will make sure that it will not require to much of my time and energy. Things have become much more clearer to me and from this experience I will be able to create works with a free mind and refreshed focus. I am having trouble loading artwork but I will figure out that problem soon enough. I believe its the browser.

Friday, August 04, 2006


A Dante Childs Graphic Novel

Written and Illustrated


John Herndon

"The problem here is with human beings, not with the monsters, not with animals. The human being does things that even the monster does not do, because the human being is more sophisticated. The problem is not how the monster did it, but how the human being did it."

Coming Summer 2007

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Who is Dante Childs?

He walks a path through spiky thorns tipped with innocent blood, thickets of twisted soul killers and bottomless pools of babies' tears. Where pimps lie in wait for runaways to rent them out at five dollars a night, to where inhuman torture cannot be diluted with words like dysfunction and pedophile, where clinical phraseology cannot disguise the brutal truth. Where the pack animals known as citizens gather for their daily harvest, while on a rotting mattress in a dank, stinking cesspit apartment in the bowels of the concrete jungle, a ten-month old baby lies screaming, her roars of pain the result of repeated, systematic rape and sodomy. In this city a pit bull bites two people, they gas it.

A father cripples his own kid, they give him another bite. If a man rapes his daughter, those in power say he's sick; if he rapes his neighbor's daughter, they say he's a criminal and should go to prison.